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23 years old and really nervous.

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Personal blog. I like video games and I often draw things. I do not know what else I should write here. Links and stuff on the left.

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it’s like nabooru farted so badly it created a vortex that’s sucking her into the fart dimension


The Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring Collection

In a world full of chaos, this “Legend of Zelda” collection is the perfect symbol for tying the knot. Composed of white and yellow gold and diamonds, With the golden triangles that symbolize the legend of the Tri-force.


alright who wants to get married

Last of the Zelda slips.

24 more Fangamer slips.

Working on packing slips for Fangamer. Here’s the first 32.

These will be available as prints at Anime Boston 2012!

Here’s some actually rather nice stuff that Shooshsickle and I made.