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23 years old and really nervous.

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Personal blog. I like video games and I often draw things. I do not know what else I should write here. Links and stuff on the left.

mister man - mauryget - loom


Rainy day Nepeta with a transparent background, since I wasn’t sure what to do for the background and it’s 1:30am, haha.



Welcome to Paradox Space! A website devoted to comics inspired by Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck!

The comics will hop all over the prodigious universe and canon storyline of Homestuck, featuring the characters, various hypotheticals, hilarious antics, doomed timeline scenarios — it’s wide open. The site updates every weekday!

The comics are created by an extensive cast of contributing artists and writers! The above image was created by Allison Shabet, creator of Dead Winter! Check back here for updates on new comics, and more!

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Oh man this has got to be the best 4/13 ever! A sweet sale at What Pumpkin, AND the release of Paradox Space?! Whaaaaat?! :D

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Get ready for some really cool Homestuck content from some really talented contributors coming at you. :)

*hits a ladle against a frying pan* donk donk donk donk. attention. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUMI. i have created some cute space dorks for you.

100% size:



sorry what 

Someone’s probably already done this, but…



BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! This is going to be my LAST EVER round of doing godtier/trickster portraits. I have been offering these for over a year now, and they have been a ton of fun, but I think the time has come to retire this offer. Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered one over the past month, it has been so much fun to serve the Homestuck fan community in this way. UuU AS SUCH I am going to be doing a LAST CHANCE GOD TIER/TRICKSTER BLOWOUT until January 11th. If you have ever thought about getting one, NOW IS THE TIME!

Selfie Icons are here to stay, and are also available during this commission round.

Please email if you are interested! Signal boosts are appreciated! 

YOU MUST HAVE REFERENCE! If you send along reference with your initial email, we can get you through the queue MUCH FASTER. Alternative commissions are tenatively available upon request. Email me with details and I will see what I can do! Payment can only be made via Paypal.

Thanks everyone!!!


merry christmas

i wanna make one of these too

deck the halls with kringlefuckers


Happy birthday for a girl who born to know





Did you mean YES?

did you mean THE MOTHERSHIP

man I remember when jade’s reveal was a point of anticipation in homestuck

like “oh man wonder what she looks like/what her house is like”

and then I saw her and was like “that’s john. That looks like john. Is she his sister or is this a problem sleuth thing where you date your female self”


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