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If you’ve ever wondered how big Gengars are, here is your answer. 

i will ride upon its back into battle.

Everything always happens so much.


I’m sorry about that.

Maybe read a book

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i dunno why everybody acts like shipping is just about wanting characters to frick each other because like

idk i just think some characters would be cute on a date or holding hands or just caring about each other a lot

or maybe just having a best friend adventure at a theme park or playing video games or listening to each other’s worries

when i say i ship characters i just mean that stuff. i am not interested in fictional character sex. i have zero (or negative) interest in that.


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve put up a new build. The last build (v4.1a) went up early February, and I’m just putting up a new one now. Sorry about that! A lot has been happening in the past two months, as mentioned in a previous post about development updates. As always, you can play this new…

I made a Tales fan blog because I have a horrible problem (the problem is playing RPGs)








There are a lot of problems facing social justice movements today, but this is the biggest one. Because it’s holding us back internally. People learn and read about social issues and oppression and abuse online and suddenly they think they know everything. And of course they’re angry - there’s a lot to be angry about. And yes, it’s a great, wonderful thing that they’re aware and are working to better themselves.

But omgosh, please just stop trying to teach it and spread it because you are doing it wrong. Lashing out and yelling out buzzwords and SJ jargon and calling people racist and sexist and writing people off with no compassion - these are literally the opposite of what we should be doing. Anyone who’s actually been trained in social justice, SJ communication, facilitation and dialogue sees that and gets embarrassed to be associated with that form of “social justice.” 

Because it’s not social justice. It’s not fighting racism and sexism and classism and homophobia. All it’s doing it’s turning people off, closing their minds further and making everyone who knows what they’re doing look bad. All it’s doing is spreading more hate, more negativity and generally making everyone feel like shit about themselves - except of course for the OP, who feels great about themselves for supposedly doing their part and helping the movement. 

But they’re not. All they’re helping is the oppressive structure holding everyone back.

I’ve been there. I’ve been pissed off and angry and lashing out at everyone and everything. And it bit me in the ass more times than I can tell you. So I stopped and I learned. I was trained in social justice education by the university that developed the most widely accepted program for social justice education. I have practical experience, both in my daily life and in dialogue, that proves that these methods are not only better, but the only ones that actually work

That showing compassion for agents and those who are uneducated gets you much farther than writing them off as hateful assholes and refusing to teach them in a way they can understand. That listening to where a person is coming from is far more important than listening to what they say. That we must all understand that most *people* are not maliciously racist/sexist/classist/ableist, but the society we were all raised in *is*

We are all trying to work within this structure set in place long before any of our great grandparents were born and we all have our own starting point on the journey

The other, possibly biggest and most widespread problem among the untrained crowd is the complete and total lack of understanding of teacher/learner. You do not know everything. You only know your own experiences. That’s it. In order to actually teach someone about social justice, you have to teach them about your own experiences. In order to do that, you must be willing to learn theirs, too. You must have compassion and empathy or you will get nowhere. This is literally the most important thing I ever learned and it’s the one that I see lacking the most in online SJ. 

Now this is specifically directed at fandoms (and more specifically the Teen Wolf fandom, which I call home) but this is a message for everyone. It pains me to see the field that I am so incredibly passionate about get dragged through the mud because people who consider themselves to be a part of it do such horrible things in such horrible ways. Online SJ has a bad name because it has earned it and I cannot tell you how much I hate that. Social justice is not only my work, but it is also my life. I will not stand any longer for people abusing it and using it to spread hate.




Oh god can I just reblog this once a week so EVERYONE gets to fucking read it?

Tumblr “social justice” is a fucking travesty that values self-righteous fury as an argument sufficient unto itself and devalues careful, measured reasoning as “coddling bigots.” That praises and rewards the shutting-down of communication. That teaches smug superiority and frowns on compassion and empathy. That took “lashing out in anger is an unproductive but somewhat excusable reaction to injustice, and is not a reason to dismiss a sound argument” and dragged it into the realm of “everyone subject to systematic oppression has an absolute right to lash out in anger to whatever extent they please, and no one else has the right to criticize their behavior or be hurt by it,” and thence into an echo chamber where performative displays of anger become the goal of communication.

I’m not pretending to sainthood here. Getting patted on the butt for a righteous smackdown is dangerously seductive, especially when you have a short temper on certain subjects. And the danger of this particular echo chamber is that it’s easy for normal, intelligent, well-meaning people to get sucked into it. But it’s not a healthy model of communication. Healthy models of communication (a) encourage empathy and reasoned dialogue and frown on incoherent rage explosions, and (b) treat anger, rudeness and cruelty as undesireable but sometimes excusable—in proportion to the provocation and the circumstances. Tumblr “social justice” rejects any notion of proportionate response and has its priorities in communication neatly reversed.

My friend who did actual work in social justice long long before the internet gets really embarrassed and disturbed by what gets called social justice around here sometimes.

#thank #getting angry about things is COMPLETELY understandable #yelling at people does no good howeve r#it never fucking works

Couldn’t have said it better, myself!

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